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© Photo by Shelley Bauer

My life once upon a time was run on a schedule of 30 minute segments. This is how I worked for years, trying hard to meet the appointment schedule, sometimes falling short for a multitude of reasons. This meant the next person had to wait. This was never comfortable for me or my client, and often was the angst in my day. I assume for the client it was too. A few years back I traded in that lifestyle. Fortunate to be able to make such a choice, I embraced living more off the clock. Life changing it has been! Yet reality is our culture operates often by schedule, and the need to be timely is often present. So the other day while helping another with transportation needs I found my self sitting in a car waiting longer than planned. After responding to emails, playing with photo files, and checking the weather my patience virtue began to poke at me. I put the screen away, closing my eyes for a few minutes, not to sleep but to just get quiet. How surprised I was when I next looked out, seeing this suddenly transformed enchanted forest before me! My experiential take away: there is magic in the waiting when I allow stillness to speak.

4 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Dearest Shelley,

    Waiting for an appointment with you was the best part of my day!! The conversation in your shoppe was loving, caring, fun and just plain delightful. I did find a great lady via Mona in her building…she has the same sweet nature.

    Double blessed,

  2. I agree with Gracie. I’d love seeing people I knew and sharing stories with you. Thank you for so many years of caring and sharing.

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