One More Tree Story

365 Pictures: 274

© Photo by Shelley Bauer

An old Doug Fir much like this one will to be dropped in our front yard today. Last growing season it looked good. No sign of the stress it had endured with the construction project that swirled around it the year before. We were surprised as it’s surrounding ground cover was all but gone and the drought and heat that summer was unbearable at times. It was no longer in its element, shaded by trees to the west, as it stood fully exposed now. This spring we noticed the needles begin to brown.  Soon after a strong wind showered the ground beneath its weathered trunk, laying out a blanket of gold needles. Within a few days it was clear it had died, its roots too tired to take in what was needed to sustain it’s 40′ growth. After felling, it will still provide. The wood will be used to heat a friend’s home next winter, with a few cut rounds saved for something to be crafted from. We are grateful. The other day I noticed mushrooms growing near the base, another sign that underground the soil composition is changing. Last year we planted a small evergreen nearby this now dead Fir. It will not produce the same stature in our life time, yet we see this as being good stewards of the land; cut a tree, plant a tree. Perhaps as happened to me this moment captured with lens, someday another will look up and delight in the dancing light while the sun plays nature’s game of peek-a-boo.