Visitor Or Not

365 Pictures: 200

© Photo by Shelley Bauer

This sweet old dog came knocking yesterday, we’ll sort of. This  Westie or Westie-mix followed our neighbor home in the early afternoon. After a few of us wondered who he might belong to I put it out on the local neighborhood community site along with the local shelter page listing “found” dog, then offered to take him in with hopes of reuniting him with his owner. It’s apparent he’s been cared for recently, although he was dirty and dehydrated, suggesting he may have wondered off the day before. I gave him a much needed bath, fed him some borrowed dog food and watched him perk up for a short while. Then soon he fell into a exhausted sleep, happy to be comforted by the doggie bed I never gave away. Sadly there has been no “I’m the owner of the sweet white dog you’ve taken in.”, response this morning. I remain hopeful, yet wonder about his story and where it will take him next. For today he will be with us, safe and loved and able to rest his weary little body.