Passing It On

365 Pictures: 75

Three years ago while in the throws of making one of the biggest transition of my life, distracted with all the details of making it happen, a special person stopped by bringing a meal for our weary bodies and an experience of gratitude within her good-bye. In this moment of chaos and farewells, her sweet soul kindly, without words asked me to stop, be here now, slow it all down and allow this experience of love that is present to fill you. I remember the hug we shared, tears welling up while both of us held on just a little longer in our embrace; passing between us was an inner knowing of years of tender nurturing love. This image of the angel she gifted me reminds my heart of the essence and simplicity of gratitude, and the value of “Passing It On”.


© Photo by Shelley Bauer

An Unexpected Gift

© Photo by Shelley Bauer

I captured this image while on my first train ride west! The Empire Builder, Amtrak’s passenger route from Chicago to Seattle always offers its rider a little adventure, mostly with meeting their intended schedule. It was my birthday that day and I was sharing conversation in the observation car, drinking a bottle of cheap single serve wine, quiety anticipating a mother – daughter reunion still to come. First the sunset began to color the sky and then this wind farm appeared along the horizon. After 19 hours of chugging along, this scene before me felt like a gift. As I celebrated an “almost there” moment with the dancing sunset before me, the nostalgia of this land and what it has historically held, still holds, washed over me. There was a sense of the land co-creating with 21st Century technology, and together emitting a warm welcoming hug, sort of like an invitation to a party! My heart delighted!

Since then I’ve traveled by car many times past this recognizable High-Line landmark. Now, when I pass through I fondly remember the sweet little heart party I had on the train, my eyes taking in the vast beauty of these high plains, and I once again give thanks for this conservation minded energy alternative, along with the progressive values it promotes to further us in the study of energy science, and technology!