Walking into the forest, the butterflies hung from the Oyamel Fir trees, their bodies thickly stacked together for warmth and protection from predators. They were more than a presence these beautiful creatures, filling every branch and inch of tree trunk with their fading colors. I could sense the mystery of their whispering wings fluttering all about. It was a magical moment, a surreal sight of wonder and awe. It would be years later before I would understand that although the mind may sense a subtle call, for any transformation to truly begin the heart must be willing to make a connection and listen.


                                photo credit shelley bauer


4 thoughts on “beginnings

  1. I lovc the colors of your site. And the story of the butterflies. And the fact that you took the leap of faith!

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading “When Trees Whisper”. Your words so eloquently discribe this beautiful area that we also are lucky enough to call home. New beginnings is a great metaphor for all we are experiencing,nature, friendships, community, life. I feel truly blessed to be invited to share your journey with you.

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