Quieting The Heart

For a few weeks recently I found just Being quite the physical challenge…much of what presented itself offered me more stillness than I truly desired, yet looking back to before this pause, I realize through intention, I called it in. Loving forces from outside and within guided and directed me to make use of this opportunity to find my calm, to tend to the body, to rest and release that which no longer serves. All well-meaning intention, once awareness percolates and surrounds, involves a deep sort of listening. When an attitude of acceptance arrives, the sound of the heart is no longer muffled by the noise, vibrations of forward footsteps are revealed. Peace ushers in Gratitude. 💖

Accidental Beauty


© Photo by Shelley Bauer

Sometimes beauty happens by accident. Sometimes I’m asked to wait to see the beauty, other times it appears immediately following. Yesterday one of these unforeseen events occurred, causing permanent damage to one of our vehicles. An opportunity to observe comes in, immediate moments of good fortune surface; all involved walked away without injury. Many other emotions arise, inconvenience is present, and while time passes beyond the un-pleasantries, beauty comes in waves of thanksgiving and gratitude.

Head In The Clouds…

© Photo by Shelley Bauer

January Inversions, they can be a common experience in my neck of the woods. This morning before my feet hit the floor my weather app alerts me to these conditions and adds the possibility of ice fog.  My alpine skier friends seem to adjust to this sort of re-occurring weather phenomenon, one that more easily develops when a winter thaw takes place in areas where valleys are surrounded by mountains and little wind exists. Sometimes I hear them squeal with glee upon return, telling of riding the chair through the low fog to then happily discover the sun is out on top. Today I am gifted with a mid-day pause, time to reflect in my favorite indoor spot. I’m surrounded by windows. The sun tries to burn through the current inversion, creating a dreamy sort of warmth for a brief moment, only to dim. Screened out by the return of thick moisture that hangs heavy, challenging my perspective. My eyes attempt  to focus, searching for color within the gray or maybe a tiny glimpse of texture within the flat dimension this fog creates. My mind wanders in this awake dream state, twirling around ideas, plans, stirring with connectivity, exploring possibilities of shared experiences. Excitement springs! Seems a blank canvas backdrop, alongside time for simple imagining can be perfect conditions too; perfect for creating pieces of joy to blanket my heart! I look out once more and for real, the low clouds are lifting, the sky is growing lighter and the sun is breaking though.