Welcome to Touching Butterflies!

Though my Minnesota roots go deep, a while back I journeyed beyond the boundaries of my comfort into this next place, where my playground happens to be the beautiful backdrop of northwest Montana! Yep, still pinching myself and awaking with gratitude! Not a day goes by where I don’t think about the sweet familiar of my growing up place, yet I embrace this stepping forward along unknown path of surprise and adventure.

This is my “Happy Place”, where rock and water meet with stunning majestic scenery, where stories of  the native people called this sacred ground mingle with those who followed a yearning to explore the “Wild Frontier”! While I have all the modern conveniences one might need, in some ways transitioning from suburban life to the rural setting I’ve chosen, it sometimes feels like high adventure with my soul!                                                                                        

 Like a changing caterpillar finding it’s way from chrysalis to butterfly, with each layer I peel back I’m beginning to discover the truth of who I’ve always been.  This wholehearted way of Being is where I seek to practice intention and awareness, lean into vulnerability by sharing my creative spirit through photography, writings, and reflections, and what ever else decides to rise up.

Maybe you’ll catch a sliver of light or something that makes your senses flutter. Whatever you experience, it is through my heart lens of love that I offer it. Thanks for visiting Touching Butterflies! I invite you to join me on this continuing adventure, lean in to your heart’s desires, ask where they might be leading you!