A Peace Of Earth

365 Pictures: 236

© Photo by Shelley Bauer

I had the privilege to hike in my favorite area of Glacier N.P. earlier this week. In the background is Painted Tepee over looking Two Medicine Lake. Whenever I visit this area I’m not only touched by the natural beauty (that’s a given), I sense too the sacred in these lands once inhabited by tribal nations, primarily the Blackfeet, who know these mountains in their creation stories. It’s a setting where 150 years ago the Blackfeet came together with other tribes, across the creek and  held Medicine Ceremonies. It is written that some were sent to experience Vision Quests here too. Historically steeped in this culture, the Earth holds what once was, before it was a national park. I am thankful to experience a tiny piece of blessing still present in this sacred ground.

Work Place Foolery

365 Pictures: 233

© Photo by Shelley Bauer

We really do love our electrician! A while back when we built our home Matt was the sub contractor that we really came to appreciate. Going about his work quietly and methodically. His patience was not overlooked either as he often had to work around the other subs and their delays. His wit and charm was not lost on us as we went through the build process and we’ve passed along his name to others looking for a reliable skilled electrician. Recently we decided we’d really like two more dimmer switches and couldn’t find any to match ours. Matt again was able to help us out and we made arrangements to exchange parts and payment at my husband’s work place. This note was attached when a co-worker handed it off to him. Those sweet cashiers. I laughed out loud when I saw it!  Maybe this is only funny if you know Matt, he’s not the type to express so outwardly his feelings for his customers! But we know he loves us too!