Thank You Anyway!

365 Pictures: 208

    © Photo by Shelley Bauer

Following the list of requests on this sign is a challenge for many, including me. I’d rather do it all online, that is until I use up my allotted transfers and am forced to go in person. Perhaps that idicates I need to simplify my banking routine. Anyway, today I had done my homework but apparently those in front of me had not. It’s amazing what you can get done in the drive thru teller; file that nail that broke as I was heading out the door, take a photo and upload for today’s post, oh and find a good podcast for the 30 minute drive into town. In the end I did send up a little “Thank You” to the vehicles in front of me.

Good Morning Sun-Day!

365 Pictures: 206

© Photo by Shelley Bauer

Lately it’s a morning routine of raise the shades open the windows, then two hours later close the windows, lower the shades. An exercise of inviting  the cool air in, and holding it in! This morning before I pulled the blind back down I consciously took a moment to pause, seeing the reflection of the waking of this day, I found a gladness in my heart and gave thanks for this simple presence of light. This holding of space, allowing the love to wash over me and rest for just a fleeting piece of time is for me the essence of a wholehearted experience. It takes practice to pause…