365 Threads

365 Pictures: 364

© Photo by Shelley Bauer

I’m  looking back, because that’s what I like to do this time of year. I’m recalling the ups and downs, the rhythm of 12 months of breathing, moving, learning, growing, loving. The faces of encounter, natural and human; and as asked for here comes surprise and delight. Yes, this is a thread sometimes woven with others, threads of sorrow and wisdom, brave intentions. Threads of questions some answered many not.  There too is an awareness of gratitude alongside pain, all these fibers weaving through time and place and memories. It’s the experiences that stand out, heart messages often given to hold for sometimes only fleeting moments, like a delicate touch on silk. A gentle pause… Now I prepare to walk over the threshold of a next year. I think about the perfect parchment to wrap and keep within, this textured colorful fabric of 2017. To hold it, all of it, dearly in the archives of my heart. It’s soft and light and transparent. Just the right layer, so when wisdom’s brilliance seeps out to remind me, it will be easy to spot the streams of LOVE brightly shining. I’m letting go now, my hand opens to release what is no longer needed. Peace. I turn my eyes. I catch a glimpse, I see a sparkle, I step into the new.

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